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Enrico Ripamonti

Scritti dell'autore

Evaluating university courses: intuitionistic fuzzy sets with spline functions modelling newdigital
format: Article | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2017 - 1
Year: 2017
Spline functions are a very flexible and powerful tool, which has been adopted in several applied fields, such as the evaluation of Public Services. In this paper, we use splines to model membership and non-membership functions in the context of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets...
The ordinal inter-rater agreement in the evaluation of university courses digital
format: Article | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2014 - 1
Year: 2015
In this paper we consider the problem of the evaluation of undergraduate and graduate courses, in the context of Italian universities...
Bipolar distributions in fuzzy sets theory digital
format: Article | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2015 - 2
Year: 2015
In this paper we consider the problem of measuring latent variables with ordinal scales and we put forward an original approach to this issue, which combines the use of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets with the calculation of bipolar means and bipolar distributions. Intuitionistic Fuzzy theory allows a researcher to model the degree of membership and non-membership to a certain fuzzy set, as well as the residual uncertainty...