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Igor Valli

Libri dell'autore

Joint decomposition by subpopulations and sources of the point and synthetic Bonferroni inequality measures newdigital
format: Article | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2017 - 2
Year: 2017
The total income Y is the sum of c sources Xj : Y = X1 + . . . + Xc: The N units of the population are partitioned in k different subpopulations. In the frequency distribution framework the Bonferroni (1930) point inequality index is given by Vh(Y) = [M(Y) - ̅Mh.(Y)]/M(Y), M(Y) and ̅Mh.(Y)are the mean and the lower mean of Y...
On the decomposition by subpopulations of the point and synthetic Bonferroni inequality measures digital
format: Article | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2016 - 1
Year: 2016
This paper, by using the ‘‘two-step’’ approach proposed in Radaelli (2008, 2010) and in Zenga (2016) for the decomposition of the Zenga (2007) index, obtains the decomposition of the Bonferroni (1930) inequality measure. In the first step the Bonferroni point measure Vh(Y) is decomposed in a weighted mean of k x k relative differences between the mean Mg(Y) of subpopulation g and the lower mean Mhl(Y) of the subpopulation l...