Libri di Michele Zenga - libri Statistica & Applicazioni (3)

Michele Zenga

Titoli dell'autore

On the Decomposition of the Gini’s Mean Difference and Concentration Ratio digital
Year: 2005
In this paper we propose a decomposition for the Gini’s mean difference of a real variate obtained as the sum of c variates observed on a finite population.
A partial ordering of dependence for contingency tables digital
Year: 2004
We introduce a new partial order according to the strength of dependence within the class of all contingency tables with given margins.
Distributive Compensation Ratio Derived from the Decomposition of the Mean Difference of a Sum digital
Year: 2003
In this paper a distributive compensation index, based on the decomposition of the mean difference of a sum Y of the k variates X1, … , Xi, … , Xk , has been proposed.
Convergence of the Sample Mean Difference to the normal distribution: simulation results digital
Year: 2006
The present work aims to obtain the value of minimum sample size required by a good approximation by the normal curve for the sample mean difference.

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