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Alberto Arcagni

Alberto Arcagni
Vita e Pensiero
Alberto Arcagni è assegnista di ricerca in Statistica presso l'Università Bicocca di Milano.

Titoli dell'autore

A comparison of income distributions models through inequality curves digital
Year: 2016
In this paper the features of some distribution models used in the literature to depict income distributions are analysed. The analysis is based on the inequality curves generated by such models...
Zenga distribution: parameters estimation with constraints on synthetic inequality indices digital
Year: 2015
In 2010, Zenga introduced a three-parameter model for distributions by size, with Paretian right-tail and expectation always finite...
Application of Zenga’s distribution to a panel survey on household incomes of European Member States
Year: 2013
In this paper Zenga’s distribution is applied to 114 household incomes distributions from a panel survey conducted by Eurostat. Previous works showed the good behaviour of the model to describe income distributions and analyzed the possibility to impose restrictions on the parametric space so that the fitted models comply with some characteristics of interest of the samples. This work is the first application of the model on a wide number of distributions, showing that it can be used to describe incomes distributions of several countries. Maximum likelihood method on grouped data and methods based on the minimization of three different goodness of fit indexes are used to estimate parameters. The restriction that imposes the equivalence between the sample mean and the expected value of the fitted model is also considered. It results that the restriction should be used and the changes in fitting are analyzed in order to suggest which estimation method use jointly to the restriction. A final section is devoted to the direct proof that Zenga’s distribution has Paretian right-tail.

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