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Michele M. Zenga

Titoli dell'autore

Joint decomposition by subpopulations and sources of the point and synthetic Gini indexes digital
Year: 2018
The decompositions proposed in this paper are applied to the net disposable income of the 8156 italian households supplied by Bank of Italy (2016) where the households are partitioned in four subpopulations according to the number of family members and the total income is the sum of four sources...
On the distribution of the sum of cograduated discrete random variables with applications to credit risk analysis digital
Year: 2015
This paper focuses on the notion of cograduation which was first introduced in 1939 by the Italian statistician Tommaso Salvemini. In few words, a certain number of random variables are cograduated if they are associated with the maximum positive dependence. Here, it is shown how to derive the probability distribution of the sum of cograduated discrete random variables...
Decomposition by sources of the Gini, Bonferroni and Zenga inequality indexes digital
Year: 2014
Keywords: Inequality, Scale Transformation Matrix, Point Inequality Index, Decomposition...

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