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The customer satisfaction measure in Public Services: the case of an Italian Chamber of Commerce
Year: 2011
SUMMARY Nowadays, in Italy, surveys carried out to measure Customer Satisfaction in Public Services are going to become more important and systematic. The new directive form Public Function Office (2004) emphasizes the fundamental role of users’ opinions to drive and possibly improve public services. The administrators have to consider users’ opinions, because these judgments are useful to offer more acceptable and appreciable services. Measure Customer Satisfaction in Public services is not a simple task and for this reason it is at the center of growing attentions. In this paper, after dealing some theoretical aspects related to this matter, the case of an Italian Chamber of Commerce is considered and different statistical methods to analyze users’ satisfaction data are proposed. Keywords: Service Quality, Heterogeneity and Dissimilarity Index, Rasch Analysis, Overall Satisfaction.
L’uso delle misure di Rasch nei modelli multilivello per la valutazione di un servizio digital
Year: 2005
The aim of this paper is to introduce users’ measures obtained by the Rasch model into a multilevel analysis, to study relations between users’ satisfaction and other variables included in a hierarchical structure.
Analisi della qualità di un servizio: un confronto tra scale mediante il modello di Rasch digital
Year: 2003
Evaluation of the quality of a services involves all the difficulties one typically meets when try to measure an abstract concept: quality is an hidden, directly unobservable, meaning-needed aspect of a service. In this paper we consider a possible solution in efforts to measure quality, the use of Rasch Model in client satisfaction analysis.

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