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M. Al-Rawwash

M. Al-Rawwash
Vita e Pensiero
M. Al-Rawwash è professore presso l'Università di Yarmouk in Giordania.

Author's books

Moving extreme ranked set sampling for simple linear regression
format: Article | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2009 - 2
Year: 2009
The moving extreme ranked set sampling, introduced by Alodat and Al-Saleh (2001), is a modification of the well known ranked set sampling approach that was proposed by McIntyre (1952). In this paper, we suggest new estimators for the simple linear regression parameters under the moving extreme ranked set sampling scheme. Moreover, we show that the proposed estimators are more efficient than their counterparts using the simple random sampling approach. We illustrate our ideas and thoughts via simulation and data analysis and conduct a comparison between our approach and the traditional ones. Keywords: Moving ranked set sampling, Ranked set sampling, Simple linear regression.