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Silvia Golia

Author's books

A new tool to assess the concept of food quality in children: a validation study digital
format: Article | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2019 - 1
Year: 2019
Childhood is the most relevant period for the formation of food preferences. Political institutions, educational agencies and health professionals are quite interested in the evaluation of the actual knowledge of food quality in children because it offers the opportunity to plan educational actions aimed at promoting the health and quality of life of today’s and tomorrow’s citizens. In this paper, we proposed a questionnaire to measure the level of knowledge of the food quality in children....
Models for categorical data: a comparison between the Rasch model and Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis
format: Article | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2007 - 1
Year: 2007
The paper compares two models to construct measures from the responses on a set of categorical variables, the Rasch Model and the Nonlinear (Categorical) Principal Component Analysis, and can be considered as a part of the literature about the choice between stochastic and algorithmic models. The aim is to discuss the Rasch Model and Nonlinear PCA differences and similarities, emphasizing the information that can be drawn from the data, and to compare the resulting measures.