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Generalized Alpha Skew Normal Distribution

digital Generalized Alpha Skew Normal Distribution
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title Generalized Alpha Skew Normal Distribution

publisher Vita e Pensiero
format Article | Pdf
online since 10-2020
doi 10.26350/999999_000028
issn 18246672 (print)
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This paper extends the work of Elal-Olivero (2010) on the alpha-skew normal distribution. The extension is a multivariate version of Elal-Olivero’s univariate case. Then we study the statistical properties of the new extension such as marginal and conditional distribution, closure under convolution with normal random variate. Furthermore, we illustrate the performance of the distribution using simulated data obtained from the generalized distribution via the Metropolis-Hasting algorithm.


Skew-normal Distribution, Skewness, Characteristics Function, Quadratic Form.

Authors biography

Department Mathematics and Statistics - La Trobe University - Victoria, 3086 - AUSTRALIA (email: School of Sciences - University of Southern Queensland - AUSTRALIA (e-mail: Department of Statistics-Sultan Qaboos University - MUSCAT (e-mail: School of Medicine - University of Queensland - AUSTRALIA (e-mail: